Fees and Costs

Most of my estate planning services are performed on a flat fee basis. I prefer utilizing flat fees as opposed to hourly charges for two reasons: One; most of my clients prefer to know the exact amount of costs that they will incur; and second, it encourages my clients to contact me with questions without being concerned about being charged for each phone call or consultation. However, I am happy to perform any services on an hourly basis if that is what the client prefers.

The following is a list of common estate planning services and their flat fee. You will notice some of the services show a fee range, which is necessary because certain variables will dictate the actual fee. However, once I have met with you and discussed your estate I will be able to provide you with the applicable flat fee.


  1. Simple Single Person: $250
  2. Simple Married no minor children: $350 (includes both wills)
  3. Simple Married with minor children: $395 (includes both wills and includes a Family Trust for children's benefit)
  4. Basic Tax Planning Married Couple: $575 (includes both wills) (this includes a Credit Shelter Trust for tax planning)
  5. Intermediate Tax Planning for Married Couple: $575-$950 (includes both wills)
  1. Simple Revocable Living Trust for single Person: $1,250
  2. Simple Joint Revocable Living Trust for Married Couple: $1,450
  3. Basic Tax Planning Joint Revocable Living Trust for Married Couple: $1,850 (this includes a Disclaimer Credit Shelter Trust for tax planning)
  4. Intermediate Tax Planning Revocable Living Trust for Married Couple: $1,950-$2,850 (this includes two separate trusts, one for each spouse, each of which include a Formula Credit Shelter Trust and other appropriate tax planning strategy)
  5. Life Insurance Trust: $950-$1,450
  6. Miscellaneous Trusts: The fees will be quoted on a case-by-case basis at the initial consultation.
Miscellaneous Documents
  1. Financial Power of Attorney: $50 if included with a will.
  2. Health Care Power of Attorney: This document is provided free of charge. A consultation for explaining the Health Care Power of Attorney and assisting in its execution is $50, however, this fee is waived if the Health Care Power of Attorney is part of an estate plan which includes a will or trust.

The exception to the flat fee is advanced tax planning, probate and fiduciary tax return engagements. These types of legal services are particularly fact specific and the amount actual time necessary is dependent upon numerous factors.

Before I commence any work on an hourly project I will provide you with an estimate of fees. If a change in circumstances indicates that higher fees will be incurred then I will contact you promptly and obtain your approval.

A final comment on attorney fees: you should never forget that you are the client and that the attorney is serving you, and as a result you have the right to ask questions about fees and have those questions answered. I welcome any questions concerning my fees. In my experience open communication between the attorney and client can only result in greater satisfaction to both parties.